Will the new Energy Legislation affect you?

The Department of Energy New Conservation Standard for residential furnaces is due to take effect on May 1, 2013.  Under the new rules, non-weatherized* residential furnaces and mobile home gas furnaces in this area must be at least 90% AFUE**.  Currently, the minimum efficiency standard for a residential gas furnace is 80% AFUE.Upgrading your furnace to a 90% AFUE (or better) condensing unit may be the energy-wise choice but this does come with added installation costs.   80% AFUE furnaces typically vent through a metal flue out the roof.  The higher efficient condensing furnace (90% AFUE) requires a PVC vent to accommodate the water vapor and carbon monoxide emitted from the furnace.  Conventional metal piping would rust from these effects.  The PVC piping generally runs horizontally from the furnace and vents out an exterior wall.  If the furnace is located in a closet or another location that has obstructions to an exterior wall this can create additional installation costs to the homeowner.  Re-venting could affect the hot water heater flue as many are tied in with the furnace flue.

What this means to you as a homeownerThe average lifespan of a furnace is 18-22 years.  If your furnace is approaching its “end of life” and space constraints and financial concerns with respect to the added installation costs present a problem, time is of the essence in replacing your furnace.  The 80% AFUE Furnace will not be available for purchase after May 1st.  We at

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*non-weatherized furnaces – manufactured for indoor installation **AFUE – Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency