Yes, even furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps have HVAC accessories, too. Although they may not be as flashy as most accessories or make a “statement,” they’re helpful tools in keeping your air clean, your home comfortable and your family safe.

Whole House Humidifiers 

A whole house humidifier adds moisture into your home. Moisture isn’t just important for preventing dry skin and static electricity… it’s also important for your wood furniture and other home furnishings. Plus, moisture helps hold heat. You’ll find that you can lower your thermostat and keep your house at a comfortable temperature with properly moistened air. Humidifiers come in varying sizes, based on the square footage of your home. They can be installed on a furnace at any time. We recommend the help of a professional if you choose to add a humidifier to your HVAC unit.


Air Cleaners

Air cleaners (also known as air purifiers) can be incorporated into your home’s duct system to make your air cleaner and safer to breathe. Air cleaners are especially attractive for families who face asthma and allergy concerns. But with the environmental pollutants traveling through our air each day, all can benefit from breathing cleaner air. These systems are sold separately and can be professionally installed by our experienced HVAC team.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Many appliances in your home emit carbon monoxide, not just the furnace! No matter the age of your home, we recommend a carbon monoxide detector installation. Ask our team for more details about this inexpensive, yet life-saving HVAC accessory.


When it comes to HVAC Accessories, thermostats can be a bit “flashy”. Honeywell’s Wi-Fi enabled thermostats can even change color to fit the decor of your room. We offer a wide range of comfort controls to suit your needs. You can save a great amount of energy by installing a programmable thermostat, too. Ask our HVAC team about the many varieties of thermostats available to homeowners today.

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