How do I avoid having problems with my air or heat when I need it the most?

Sometimes systems will break down because of overuse in extreme temperatures. To avoid this, commit to HVAC maintenance each year. This will prevent breakdowns and catch any problems. A yearly maintenance visit from your HVAC company will improve comfort and HVAC system performance. Also, try to kick on your HVAC equipment before “summer” or “winter” hit to ensure it will work correctly.

How do I lengthen the lifespan of my furnace?

First, keep your furnace filter clean at all times – both when you’re using the heat and the air conditioning. Also, keep your A/C unit clean (the one that sits outside) – leaves and dirt like to build up on the coils and cause the amount of cool air to be cut down. You can also run your system less by remembering to adjust your thermostat based on usage. KCP&L has a free programmable thermostat program that you can set to adjust based on when you’re home and using energy the most.

Any tips for using less energy in winter?

Open your blinds in the winter to allow natural sunlight to warm your home. Make sure your storm windows are closed and your windows are locked to hold in the heat. Check your windows and doors for leaks and use caulk and other tools to prevent warm air from seeping out of your home. If you’re not going to use your fireplace in the winter, keep the damper closed and seal it up.  Install a whole house humidifier - moist air retains heat better than dry air.

How do I cut down on energy bills in the summer?

The opposite is true for the summertime – keep shades closed to prevent sunlight from heating your house. Your ceiling fan can help circulate the cool air, as can your attic fan. (If you’re not using your attic fan, make sure to close and cover it.) Close your storm windows so that cold air isn’t leaking out.

What are “obvious” extra things I should know about my HVAC system?

For one, although decorating also comes before HVAC on “what’s fun,” don’t compromise your comfort. Avoid placing furniture over vents and registers. Also, although insulation might not be “your thing,” make sure somebody crawls up into your attic to make sure there is enough insulation to hold heat and cool air.