Meet Our Team - Employee Spotlight

Brooke has been with Balance Point Heating & Cooling just over a year and we are proud to have her on our team.

Tax Incentives include HVAC Equipment

Tax incentives are now available for businesses who replace HVAC equipment in 2018.

Meet our Team – Employee Spotlight

Meet the man who keeps the stars shining at Balance Point Heating & Cooling, Inc. Justin Zeysing, Lead Estimator, Operations Manager, Vice President and all things Balance Point.

Why do I need a whole house humidifier?

A humidifier provides moisture to the air in your home. Whenever outdoor air is brought inside and heated, dry air results. Heated wintertime air takes moisture from whatever sources are available, including you!

Meet our Team Employee Spotlight

We’d like to introduce you to another one of those super folks. Meet Chris Sallee, our second year apprentice. Chris brings an enthusiastic attitude to his work and is learning all of the skills necessary to become another top notch installer and service technician.

Is that Smoke coming from my Heat Pump?

We hear that question often from our customers with heat pumps, especially in conditions when it’s icy and cold with temperatures below freezing. If you see what looks like smoke coming from your heat pump when it’s cold outside, don’t worry, this is normal operation.

Meet our Team Employee Spotlight

She is our Service Dispatcher and Office Manager and does a fantastic job providing our customers the customer service they deserve.

Meet our Team Employee Spotlight

Meet Corey Zumalt, one of our Service Technicians and part of our Installation Crew. Corey is a vital asset to our team and many customers may have already met him on service calls or when he is installing new equipment in their homes.

Find your Balance and have some fun!

It’s not all about troubleshooting and replacing furnaces and air conditioners at Balance Point Heating & Cooling. As many of you know though, we do make this a priority for our customers when we provide them service.

Meet our Team - Employee Spotlight

Many of our customers have already met Eric Wollard. Eric is our Lead Service Technician and began working with Balance Point Heating & Cooling in September, 2015. While his tenure is only a few years, Eric has become a major team player in our continued success.

Make your home a Balanced Home

There are many options available to homeowners for maintaining an even temperature throughout their home. While the home’s insulation factors in immensely, the supply and return air ductwork; the furnace; and, the air conditioner are the primary solutions to maintaining comfort.

Meet our Team - Employee Spotlight

We’d like to introduce you to another team member who contributes to our 5 star ratings.  Dave Gross brings over 20 years experience to the Balance Point team. He is one of our lead installers. Like all of our employees at Balance Point,

Keep your Air Conditioner Running and your Dog out of Trouble!

Over just a short period of time, the dog’s urine is more than a condenser or heat pump’s coils can handle and they corrode and break down. We absolutely love dogs at Balance Point Heating & Cooling and we sure want to keep them out of trouble in all respects!

Meet our Team - Employee Spotlight

Continually, our customers provide us with positive feedback from the service and installation they receive from Balance Point.  Our 5 Star Reviews don't come without reason.  Meet John Ziegler, one of our lead installers and service technicians.

A Great Team Member Bids Us Farewell! Good Luck Ana

We have an incredible team here at Balance Point Heating & Cooling. We’d like to introduce you to one of those team members: Ana Misener, our Customer Service Representative and Accounts Payable Assistant.

Solutions to lower utility bills.

Lower utility bills?  Yes, it is possible. We hear that question just about every time we go into a customer’s home. We’re getting a much needed break in hot summer temperatures just when the utility bills from last month arrive in the mailbox to remind us of those days when the air conditioner never shut off!

Humidifiers Make a Difference

The primary focus of most homeowners in the winter is to keep their house warm. However, heat and comfort don’t always go hand-in-hand and feeling cozy requires more than just the right temperature. The freshness and relative humidity of indoor air play a major role in the health and comfort of family members during the winter and to the proper care of the home.


With great thanks to our loyal customers, both new and existing, we have outgrown our current location! We will be moving to our new Raymore location very soon and just around the corner from where we are now. 

Are annual furnace inspections really necessary?

So how many miles did that furnace of yours drive this year? We know, your furnace didn’t go anywhere, but we bet it ran a lot this past year.  So, we change the oil in the car after about 3000 miles, right? 

Signs of Summer - Cottonwood Seeds!

According to local media, Memorial Day is the first sign that summer has arrived. Another sign of summer is gently blowing in the wind.  Yes, among the other reminders like hot temperatures & humidity, the cottonwood seeds dance around the air with the lightning bugs and butterflies.