Steps for Homeowners to Remedy Common Cooling Problems

The official start of summer has brought with it officially uncomfortable temperatures and high humidity.  Your air conditioner is working its hardest during conditions like those we are experiencing now in Kansas City.  If you aren’t sure your system is working properly, there are some things you can do  to keep from having to call for service. 1)      Check the breakers - both at the indoor panel and the outside disconnect.  Sometimes an electrical surge will cause a breaker to trip and the problem can be remedied as easily as a flip of a switch. 2)      Check your air filter.  Unless you have a high-efficient air cleaner, your air filter should be changed once a month.   Many times poor air flow in the house is a result of a dirty filter.  Dirty filters also can cause problems down the line as excessive dust and dirt can build up on the evaporator coil and furnace components.  This dust and dirt can cause premature failure of the equipment as well as lower the efficiency of the unit. 3)      Keep the area around your outdoor unit free of plants and other obstructions that can block airflow to the unit.  Do not allow pets access to the air conditioning unit. 4)      Drainage Problems.  A clogged condensate drain may cause water to back up and your air conditioner to stop working, especially during particularly high humidity conditions.  Periodically check the condensate hose to be sure it is free of debris and the water is draining properly. Of course, there are those times when calling an experienced EPA certified HVAC Technician is the only answer.   The unit may be low on refrigerant or there could be an electrical control failure.   Balance Point Heating and Cooling can provide you expert advice on how best to remedy your uncomfortable indoor temperatures and get your system cooling to its optimum performance.   And of course, the best way to help prevent problems with your air conditioner is to schedule a preventive tune-up.  Balance Point Heating and Cooling offers low-cost maintenance agreements to take the burden off of you to remember to schedule this often overlooked task.  Don’t wait to call us.  You’ll be glad you did!
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