Find your Balance and have some fun!

It’s not all about troubleshooting and replacing furnaces and air conditioners at Balance Point Heating & Cooling. As many of you know though, we do make this a priority for our customers when we provide them service.

Did you know that “balance point" is an HVAC term? Yes, for those who don't know, "balance point" is when a home's loss of heat is equal to the heat created in the home - basically, when ideal comfort is achieved. There are more technical definitions of the term, but that's what you rely on us to know, right?  

We thought it a great name for an HVAC company, but we also considered something else. Balance also comes to mind when thinking about a healthy lifestyle and promoting healthy lifestyles at Balance Point is a priority.

The Mission Statement for our company is:
2) Balance Point includes in its vision a commitment to the improvement of its local community and the wellness of its employees and customers. Yes, so #2 – a commitment to the improvement of its local community and the wellness of its employees and customers - is our focus – and a balanced life is a healthy life. So, it’s not all work and no play at Balance Point. Having fun is part of that balanced life we speak of. We encourage our employees to balance their lives with fun and family, too. Balancing home, family and work is part of our culture at Balance Point Heating & Cooling.  

So, heating and cooling aside - but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have heating and cooling questions - have some fun with us and play our Mug Shot game.

We want to see how creative you can be – add some fun to balance your life, too, and play our game. Send us your fun and creative mug shot photos and we’ll post on our social media sites. Please include your contact information when you send your photo so we can contact you for prizes.

Come on, where you gonna take your mug? We know our judges like smiling faces! Show us some fun folks! Our service technicians have some mugs on their trucks so be sure and ask them for one. If you need us to send you a mug, give us a call and we’ll get one to you.  Call us at 816-265-0448.