Meet our Team - Employee Spotlight

Many of our customers have already met Eric Wollard. Eric is our Lead Service Technician and began working with Balance Point Heating & Cooling in September, 2015. While his tenure is only a few years, Eric has become a major team player in our continued success. Eric brings over 20 years’ experience in the HVAC industry. He lives in Shawnee, Kansas and is married to his lovely wife of 20 years, Lisa. We hear lots of tales of Eric and his daughter, Laura’s many bike rides together. Laura is 11 years old and we are sure the apple of Eric’s eye. Eric’s character is the key to why our customers like him. We get continuous positive feedback about Eric on our Customer Satisfaction Surveys so we know we aren’t the only ones who like Eric. We asked Eric to share a little more about himself:

What do you like to do when you’re not doing a great job troubleshooting and maintaining our customers’ HVAC equipment? I like to read, ride my bike and spend time with my family.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done? When I was a teenager I would drive on a road called Roller Coaster Road.  I would go really fast becoming airborne at the top of each hill! I could have killed someone. Don’t worry folks, we know Eric's driving habits have tamed drastically since he came to work with Balance Point.

What’s your favorite food? Hamburgers and French Fries! Good thing you ride that bike, Eric! We sure can’t tell.

So, Eric, is it about winning, losing or how well you play the game? It’s about doing the best job to your ability, and it’s not all about you. It’s about helping others, too.

That last answer sums it up.  This is another reason Eric stands out as one of the stars in our 5 star reviews.  Eric's strong values shine through in his thorough approach to solving our customers HVAC problems.  He, like all of our team members, is committed to providing a value-driven, common sense approach to maintaining comfort and efficiency.  Thank you Eric!