A whole-house humidifier provides comfort and overall well-being for everyone in the home as well as protecting your home's furnishings with proper humidity levels.

A humidifier provides moisture to the air in your home. Whenever outdoor air is brought inside and heated, dry air results. Heated wintertime air takes moisture from whatever sources are available, including you! Dry air “steals” moisture wherever it can – from wood, fabric, plaster, all of your home’s furnishings. Over a period of time this can result in cracks in ceilings and walls, loose joints and flooring. Leather dries out, house plants wilt and that piano goes out of tune. Not to mention the nuisance of static electricity generated by the dry air.

For Comfort and Well-being – The benefits

  • Properly humidified air can repel problems aggravated by too-dry air. In cases where excessive dryness has been diagnosed as the cause of these aggravations, doctors prescribe humidification.
  • Dry, thirsty air evaporates moisture from your skin. This process is a cooling process – remember in the summer you want to pull that humidity out to become cooler? In the winter, the opposite is true. That dry air makes you feel chilly. Having proper humidity levels in the home can actually make it so you can dial back your thermostat to lower settings and still feel comfortable. And, of course, the nuisance of static electricity is diminished. Your pets and everyone in the home will thank you for installing a whole house humidifier.

How to Choose a Humidifier - The options to consider

  • Capacity – the unit you choose should be capable of maintaining the correct level of relative humidity for the home depending on the size and other characteristics.
  • Control – how do you want to control the humidity in your home? Do you want an automatic adjustment with a digital control or a manual humidistat to control the humidity your humidifier provides?
  • Sturdy Construction of the Humidifier – install a well-constructed humidifier with easy to change filters, that uses rust-proof materials and corrosion proof components.
  • Maintenance - Installing a whole house humidifier eliminates the need for manual filling as in the stand-alone versions. If your water is excessively hard, talk with your contractor about adding a filtering system to extend the life of the humidifier and provide better operation and less filter changes.

So, the reasons are there and we can guide you in making the right decision for your home's comfort.

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