Rebates! Everybody likes rebates. The HVAC and utility industry has recognized the need for a greener, cleaner way to do things. Programs, products and services have been formed to help make things a little more eco-friendly. Several groups and organizations reward you when you invest in energy-saving products by providing rebates. You can make your home more green and put some money back in your pocket, too by checking out these programs. You can make your home more green by performing annual maintenance on your system, too!

There are programs offered through many local utility companies to encourage homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient. If your home utility company isn’t listed here, it doesn’t mean there’s not a program available. Be sure and mention to your Balance Point Heating & Cooling Inc.’s comfort adviser the name of your utility so we can check further into incentives and rebates through that entity on your behalf.

KCP&L Rebates

Much of the Kansas City area is powered by KCP&L. Balance Point Heating & Cooling Inc. is a Trade Ally with KCP&L. Being a member of the Trade Ally Alliance gives us the opportunity to team up with KCP&L and deliver new energy-efficiency incentive offerings to our Missouri residential customers.

If your equipment is more than 10 years old or not keeping your home comfortable, consider replacing it with high-efficiency models. You’ll save on energy costs and enjoy a more comfortable home all year.

Don’t wait until your old equipment fails. Save now with KCP&L’s Heating and Cooling Rebate and save season after season with lower energy bills. Please visit their website for details and information about how to be eligible for their rebate programs or ask your Balance Point Heating & Cooling comfort adviser.

Visit KCP&L Heating and Cooling Rebate


KCP&L is currently offering eligible customers a Nest Learning Thermostat when they enroll in the Rush Hour Rewards Program. For more information, or to sign up visit this website. If you are currently a participant in the Honeywell KCP&L Thermostat program you can manage your thermostat by visiting this website to guide you further. If you are wondering why the utility companies are encouraging these thermostats read on.

Why Smart Thermostats Are Important

While thermostats control how comfortable you are when you are in your home, smart thermostats, learn your behavior and living patterns and adjust automatically to keep your energy costs at a minimum. With smart thermostats, you can set the controls for the target temperatures you desire for both heat and cool. The thermostat will turn the furnace and air conditioning units as needed. And more importantly, turn them off, when no one is home. This results in saving you money on your electricity every month.

Spire Energy Rebates

SPIRE Energy, formerly known as Missouri Gas Energy also offers rebate programs for eligible homeowners and business owners who purchase and install efficient natural gas water heating and furnace equipment. There is also a rebate for homeowners who install setback thermostats. Balance Point Heating & Cooling, Inc. participates in the SPIRE Energy rebate program as a qualified contractor. In fact, we will do all of the paperwork for your rebate. For more information, visit their website for program details. Visit Spire Energy Rebates and Offers or give us a call and our friendly office staff will be happy to assist you with more information.

Independence Power & Light Energy Rebates 

IPL offers rebates (mail-in after purchase) to residential customers who purchase certain equipment that meets its standards for energy efficiency.

Visit IPL Customer Programs Rebates

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficient Equipment Installs 

Tax Credits were extended in 2017.  Energy Star products are eligible.  Be sure and ask your Balance Point Heating & Cooling Inc.’s comfort adviser or visit this website for more information.  Tax credits give you even more incentive to upgrade your heating and cooling system. Learn more.  

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