Spring Temperatures and Wonderful Indoor Comfort

At last, spring temperatures have arrived in Kansas City and they are here just in time for the Memorial Weekend holiday.  Usually, this time of year we are dealing with warmer temperatures and high humidity.  Fortunately, the air conditioner has had a pre-season reprieve this May and hasn't had to struggle to keep you comfortable inside. While the temperatures have been relatively low, we have had a lot of rain so higher humidity in the home is still a factor in keeping you comfortable inside.  Usually by this time of year the air conditioner is running and it does a great job of removing that excessive moisture in the home.  If you are one of the lucky few who can keep those windows open during the spring season, it may be a wise investment to purchase a dehumidifier to run in your basement should you have excessive moisture building up.  And, if you are among those who have to keep the windows closed because of outside allergens, then the air conditioner should be handling the humidity for you.  A dehumidifier may be a good choice all the same but they can be rather costly.  When you have your spring a/c tune-up performed, be sure to speak with our technician about any humidity problems you may have. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.