Signs of Summer - Cottonwood Seeds!

According to local media, Memorial Day is the first sign that summer has arrived. Another sign of summer is gently blowing in the wind.  Yes, among the other reminders like hot temperatures & humidity, the cottonwood seeds dance around the air with the lightning bugs and butterflies.  This is a pleasant reminder if you like summer and you remember to keep your air conditioner maintained. Cottonwood seeds are a pesky problem for air conditioner condenser coils.  And, if your air conditioner is out of sight, like on a roof top, then you may forget completely about whether or not the outdoor unit is getting plugged with those cottonwood seeds.  Surprisingly enough, some condenser coils can become completely plugged during this annual seed migration!  See the picture below.  Many commercial buildings have roof top units (RTU’s) and failing to keep the condenser coils clear can shorten the life of this much needed equipment. That “out of sight and out of mind” scenario doesn't bode well for the best equipment operation, longevity and efficiency when it comes to an RTU. Removal: The cottonwood seeds can be removed by thoroughly hosing out the condenser coil.  Be sure and disconnect power to the unit before performing this task.  Using a spray nozzle on your garden hose, carefully spray out the coil making sure you do not damage the fins on the coil.  Reconnect the power and you should be up and running and be free of those seeds for another season.