Keey Your Air Conditioner Running and Your Dog out of Trouble!

Well, it happened again. We had to tell a customer the reason their outdoor unit failed was because of one of their family members. No, this particular problem wasn’t the kids’ fault. It was the family dog.

He just couldn’t stop relieving himself on that big, square thing that makes a lot of noise.  Maybe it’s threatening to our pups and well, they just can’t help it. After all, it does appear a bit threatening in its size and sound, especially to our 4-legged friend who just wants to look out for us! Or then again, it could be that the outdoor unit just happens to be a nice and convenient space for him to lift his leg.

Whatever the reason folks, this is rough news to deliver to homeowners because it’s one of those preventable problems. Over just a short period of time, the dog’s urine is more than a condenser or heat pump’s coils can handle and they corrode and break down. We absolutely love dogs at Balance Point Heating & Cooling and we sure want to keep them out of trouble in all respects!

So, here’s a friendly reminder to help keep our family friends in the “good” dog doghouse and out of the proverbial “doghouse”! Create a fence or barrier around your outdoor unit allowing enough room for the air to move about the unit; and for servicabiliity.

The more air flow you can provide around the unit, the better - and be sure to allow enough room for a technician to service and maintain the unit. If you have questions about just how you can create a barrier, don’t hesitate to call us at Balance Point Heating & Cooling – we’re here to help –

Call Balance Point Heating & Cooling, Inc. for all your A/C questions (816) 265-0448.

A damaged condenser